Saturday, 26 January 2013

Planning for spring and brighter days

I didn't have such a great end to 2012 and decided to take a little break from blogging. I'm also not a huge fan of January and February - Christmas has gone and spring still seems miles away. Plus they are particularly grey months here in England, so it can be hard sometimes not to feel gloomy.
Melissa from Bubby and Bean wrote a great post a couple of weeks ago about 'Creating positivity (Why the New Year isn't always easy)' that really resonated with me and I made a point of planning a few things to look forward to. I will be travelling to Ireland and France this spring with my students which I'm excited about and I also want to take part in the A Month of Letters project this February, with the aim of writing one letter, or card per day. Why not join in, or let me have your address and I'll defintely write to you!
But how about you? How do keep positive during the winter months? Do you have any exciting plans for this spring?

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