Sunday, 7 October 2012

A discovery tour of hidden art in London

Street art. It's unexpected, surprising, colourful, quirky and current. It's something I love and always photograph whenever I come across a piece. Not that I know a lot about the art form (or art in general), but it's something that intrigues me and when my friend Christine recently suggested to go on a street art tour of London, I was instantly game!

The tour was run by Alternative London Tours. The great thing about it was that the guide himself was an artist and really involved in the East London scene. He showed us some of his own work and told us stories about the other artists whose pieces we were seeing. He also gave us advice on how to spot street art and explained the different existing styles and techniques, as well as the history of the art form and the local area. It was so so interesting!

What do you think about street art? Do you like it? Is there any around where you live?


  1. Love the colorful street art! I've just seen graffiti in my streets, nothing really as good as these ones you've found

  2. I really like street art, not gang sign tagging but actual purposeful art. Sometimes I wish it was all legal and wanted by the owners of the buildings but I feel like not all art is understood or easy to accept and there is an inherent rebellion in doing non-mainsstream things.


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