Monday, 13 August 2012

Writing Letters

I love postcards. They are short and sweet and the thought of writing one is a lot less daunting than writing a whole letter. Letters are work-intensive and require more reflection and 'planning'. For me anyway, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and need everything to be just right.
Nevertheless, I really want to try and write more of them in the future, not only because sometimes it's great to send longer messages and be able to include little goodies (like poems, or newspaper clippings), but also because I've recently discovered my love for envelopes.  
Envelopes add another layer to a letters. They're a great medium for mail art and can convey a message in themselves.
Here is a one I recently sent to my sister for her birthday:
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  1. Truly love how you decorated this one. I received a handwritten card in the mail from my best friend this week and it made my day!

    1. Thanks Anna! I think there is nothing better than receiving a handwritten note - so much better than the usual junk mail!

  2. love this post. i miss letters, they're beautiful.

  3. this is very inspiring! you are making me want to send a hand written note to someone special.

    it's a lost art...


  4. I love love love this! I love hand written letters. It is so special when you receive one in the mail!

    The Ranchers Daughter


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