Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mail art

Germany has not got much of a card writing culture, whereas in England cards are given and sent for every occasion: a new job, a house move, a celebrations of any kind. Not to send someone a birthday card can cause a serious strain on a relationship. Astonishingly though, it doesn't seem to matter all that much what you write in the card; I've seen plenty of cards which contained nothing more than a printed 'Happy birthday' or 'Thank you' and a signature.
I always try to write long and meaningful mail, because I don't see the point of paying postage for one line - it seems like a bit of a waste. Plus it's not very caring, is it? I also embellish the letters I sent to family members and various pen pals. As a teenager I once spent a whole week making envelopes from old calendars. (I still have dozens of them laying around).
I only discovered recently that there are lots of people who pursue the hobby of 'mail art'. And let me tell you - some of these people's mail is truly artistic! Check out the site of the International Union of Mail Artists and the Flicker streams of the Letter Writer's Alliance and Danielle Maret for some breathtaking examples.
I found these, and many other sites so inspiring that I really wanted to get more creative again with my mail. I recently bough this postcard book to make the beginning a little easier - et voila - my first official attempt at mail art - what do you think?
Postcard to the US


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